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DÖRR CLIP-ON WIRELESS MICROPHONE KIT AF-50 The DÖRR AF-50 is a compact and high-quality radio microphone kit , consisting of a Lavalier microphone with radio transmitter and radio receiver. 

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The DÖRR AF-50 is a compact and high-quality radio microphone kit, consisting of a Lavalier microphone with radio transmitter and radio receiver. The microphone kit is ideal for podcasts, broadcasts, live streams, reports, documentaries, presentations, interviews, etc.

No matter if you want to create videos for YouTube, product videos, journalistic articles, or audio recordings, with the DÖRR AF-50 you can move freely and without annoying cables. Depending on the setting, the toll-free and registration-free 2.4 GHz radio transmission reaches a range of up to 50 m.


Whether you are taking a video with a DSLR or system camera, a camcorder, your smartphone or a tablet, the sound quality impresses with its wide frequency range and its very low equivalent noise level. The omnidirectional polar pattern guarantees optimal voice recordings.

Thanks to its compact design, the microphone can be worn on your clothing discreetly. With the metal clip the microphone can easily be attached to your tie or to the collar of your jacket, blazer, shirt, or blouse. You have both hands free, and the microphone is almost invisible in the video film or during the live stream.

In order to reduce annoying wind noise during outdoor use, the Lavalier microphone comes with a foam windshield. When not needed, the foam windshield can simply be removed, and the microphone appears even smaller and more discreet.


Thanks to the built-in lithium polymer batteries, the radio transmitter and receiver also convince with their compact design. Despite the small dimensions, the battery life of the transmitter and receiver is extremely long: you may operate the wireless microphone kit up to 8 hours continuously before you have to recharge the batteries. The charging takes place via USB-C connection. To link the transmitter or the receiver to your laptop or PC, the kit comes with a suitable USB charging cable.

To connect the radio receiver to a camera or to a camcorder, use the supplied, three-pin 3.5 mm TRS spiral cable. To connect your smartphone or tablet, use the included TRRS spiral cable with a four-pin 3.5 mm mini jack plug.

The radio receiver is equipped with a headphone socket and volume control which allows you to check the sound quality of your recording immediately or to listen in during the recordings.

With the clever clip construction, you may attach the radio receiver to your clothing, or you slide it into the hot shoe of your camera.

In addition to the microphone input socket, the radio transmitter is fitted with a second input socket. To this socket you may connect audio devices such as smartphones, tablets or MP3 players and import pre-made voice, sound, or music recordings. These pre-made sounds will then be recorded instead of the microphone. With the "Mute" function you can temporarily interrupt or mute your recording. The radio transmitter is also equipped with a clip to inconspicuously attach the transmitter for example to your belt or waistband.


All components of the microphone kit are easy and intuitive to use. After connecting and switching on, the transmitter and receiver pair automatically. Blue LEDs keep you informed about the radio connection.

For safe transportation and storing, the kit comes with a protective bag. This bag protects the kit from dust, moisture, scratches, and other external influences.